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Advisory Council:
This is made up of great and successful men and women who believe in the mission and vision of TOPA and have offered themselves up to give advice to the governing body of the organization.
Mr. David Appiah – Danquah
Mr. Gyapong Kusi – Appiah

Head Council:
The Head Council acts as the board of directors of the organization. The council is made up of seven members selected by the founder of TOPA or the General Assembly in the absence of the founder to help provide general guidance to the Executive Council of TOPA on the programs and projects of the organization. The council shall vet or form a committee to vet and appoint members for vacant executive positions. This council shall also make sure that all the organs of the organization are active and working. The following are the members of the TOPA Head Council;
Andrews Idun – Chairman
Emmanuel Nyadedzi - Secretary
Gilbert Antwi Yeboah - Member
Jones Amankwah - Member
Edward Amoah Idun - Member
Derrick Dokyi Yentumi - Member
Millicent Idun - Member

Executive Council:
The Executive Council shall be in charge of the day to day administration of the organization. They are selected by the Head Council or a committee appointed by Head Council to vet and appoint qualify applicants to fill vacant positions. For someone to apply for a position in the organization, the person should be a Full or Senior member of the Council of TOPA with good standing and ready to work for the progress of TOPA. The following are the members of the council at the national level;

Andrews Idun
Founder & Executive Director
Jones Amankwah
Director in Charge of Human Development
Emmanuel Nyadedzi
Director in Charge of Community Development
Millicent Idun
Director of Finance and Administration

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