About TOPA

Tomorrows People Association (TOPA) is an N.G.O created to bring people with different ideologies, political preference, religious and ethnic background together for a common goal. The idea of TOPA was adapted from the life style of ants; that is living together in unity of purpose, supporting each other in times of need and saving for future use. The organization basically creates opportunities for human and community development.

We see human development to involve expanding human capabilities, widening choices, enhancement of freedom and fulfillment of human rights. Our objective for human development is in accordance with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) stated objective on human development which states that the “The basic objective of human development is to create an enabling environment for people to enjoy long, healthy and creative lives” and through that develop a highly skill and patriotic individual for community and national development.

Under community development, we engage opinion leaders and the general public in developing solutions to challenges facing them as a community and also implement and monitor the solutions together. This makes the community folks feel part of the process of solving the challenge and also own the idea of change within the community to avoid reoccurrence of the challenge.

We believe that if we are able to achieve our goals on human and community development collectively, it is going to ensure equality of life, sustainable growth in productivity, human empowerment, reduction in poverty and transformation of deprived communities.

History of TOPA

The idea of TOPA was conceived by Andrews Idun in 2009 when he wanted to make an in impact in society without having a lot of wealth. The dream was finally a reality in 11th February, 2011 when it was finally established with a clear direction and a written constitution. Andrews, then introduced the idea to his trusted friends and Emmanuel Nyadedzi, Addae Kwabena Sheriff, Daniel Kofi Danso, Gyapong Kusi - Appiah and David Appiah - Danquah who became every interested in the idea and helped him to register the organization.

The 1st General Assembly (GA) meeting was held on 16th July, 2011 at Yagola Hotel in Kumasi and it was attended by Andrews Idun and three of his friends, Nyadedzi Emmanuel, Gyapong Kusi-Appiah and Addae Kwabena Sheriff. The other two Kofi Danso and David Appiah-Danquh asked for permission to absent themselves from the 1st General Assembly (GA) meeting. It was at this GA that the constitution of TOPA was approved.

TOPA officially started its work in Ghana on 30th September, 2011. The organization organized peaceful election campaign in 2012 and also was in negotiation with the Forestry Commission for government reserved forest for reforestation and farming but later folded-up. Currently, the NGO has been restructured and rebranded with new members of whom some are now serving on the Head Council and Executive Council of TOPA.

Mission and Vission
  • The mission of the organization is to create opportunities for human and community development.
  • Our vision is to prepare the current generation to become responsible and participate in the proper upbringing of the next generation.
  • We are guided by the spirit of love, peace and unity in all our activities.
  • We work to upholding the truth in all matters.
  • We support the right of freedom for the people.
  • We believe in equality of opportunity for all.
  • We support the idea of being accountable to the people.
  • We believe the people must have the right to access of information.
  • We cherish the habit of benevolence, generosity and personal savings.
Council of TOPA

This is made up of people who have accepted to live based on the principles and values of TOPA. Members of the council are trained by the organization through workshops, seminars and conferences on skills, entrepreneurship and good leadership skills development. The organization supports members of the council to embark on activities that conform to the mission, vision and values of TOPA.

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