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Tomorrows People Association (TOPA) is an N.G.O created to bring people with different ideologies, political preference, religious and ethnic background together for a common goal. The idea of TOPA was adapted from the life style of ants; that is living together in unity of purpose, supporting each other in times of need and saving for future use. The organization basically creates opportunities for human and community development.

We see human development to involve expanding human capabilities, widening choices, enhancement of freedom and fulfillment of human rights. Our objective for human development is in accordance with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) stated objective on human development which states that the “The basic objective of human development is to create an enabling environment for people to enjoy long, healthy and creative lives” and through that develop a highly skill and patriotic individual for community and national development. Read more


Human Development
Focus Areas
Personal Development
Educational Development
Skills and Entrepreneurship Development
Scholarship Opportunities
Job Ethics and Career Development
Leadership Development and Mentorship
Adult Education
Guidance and Counselling
Human Security and Human Rights
Business and Start-up Loan
Community Development
Focus Areas
Public Awareness on Healthy Living
Medical Screening
Agricultural Development
Development of Community Library
Development of ICT Resource Centres
Provision of Portable Drinking Water
Patriotism and Political Awareness
Environment Protection and Development
Creation of Community Parks
Research Works


Topa Skills and Entrepreneurship Development programme

On the 27th May, 2018 organized FREE skills and entrepreneurship development programme read more

for the membership of Nana One Touch Movement, Kwadaso branch. The members of the community group were taught how to start and sustain a business, and later introduced to liquid soap making. The participants were made to take part in the process of making the liquid soap and after that shared among them.

Topa Skills and Entrepreneurship Development programme

On the 12th May, 2018 TOPA Ghana together with YALI RLC Cohort 9 members in Kumasi organised read more

FREE skills and entrepreneurship development programme to help train the general public within Kwadaso, a community in Kumasi.The programme was attended by both the youth and adults. At the end of the programme, the participants shared their joy for the information received and asked for more of such programme of which they were assured by Idun Andrews, the Executive Director of TOPA Ghana of even better entrepreneurship development programme in the near future.

TOPA Ghana FREE Training Program for the Muslim community in Kwadaso

On the 1st December 2017, as we celebrate Farmer's Day in Ghana, read more

TOPA Ghana organised FREE training on how to grow mushroom for the youth in Kwadaso Muslim Community. This is part of our regular programmes organized to train the general public in skills and entrepreneurship development.

TOPA Ghana organised FREE Training for Edwinase Presby congregation

On the 3rd December 2017, TOPA Ghana organised read more

FREE training on how to grow mushrooms for Edwinase Presby congregation. All the members of the church who were present on the day took part of the programme. They were very happy for the FREE Training program and they encouraged us to continue with the program, since there are a lot of people who will want to develop a skill but because of lack financial support they end up not meeting their dreams.

Donation to Nkwanta A.M.E Zion School in Kumawu at Sekyere-Kumawu district

The organization as part of its visit to Kumawu, read more

donated varieties of text books, a carton of chalk and other study materials to the school and students of Nkwanta A.M.E. Zion School to help in teaching and learn. This was to show our commitment to human development. From our previews visit to the school and Nkwanta community, the Assembly man and the Elders of the community made it clear that the most pressing need of the community is the school structure of the Nkwanta A.M.E Zion J.H.S and also the K.G. The students and the teachers also told our team their problems and from that we saw that it was prudent to supply them chalk, text books and teaching and learning material.

Donation of items to Kumawu Development & Trust Orphanage

TOPA paid a visit to Kumawu in the Sekyere-Kumawu district and donated domestic items to the read more

Kumawu Development & Trust Orphanage. This kind gesture by TOPA was to help the orphans and make them understand they are not alone and they have people who care about their wellbeing. The orphanage has a school that they run to create opportunity for the needy and the orphans to get a place to study for free. The manager of the orphanage appealed to TOPA for support and he was assured by the executive director of TOPA that they will forever remain their partner in human development. Therefore, TOPA will do anything possible help them from time to time.

Donation to people within Mosikrom in the Adansi Asokwa district

Our team donated some sacks of cloths to the people of Mosikrom community read more

after interaction with elders and members of the community in order to know their concerns. They made it clear that they needed support in their farming area and also help in domestic goods such as the cloths that were donated. They requested we pay them regular visit and always come with something for them to make their lives better.

Donation to people within Asrifi-Krom village in the Adansi Asokwa

TOPA as part of its vision visited Asirifi-Krom and donated clothes to people within the community. read more

The people were very happy and they requested from the Team of TOPA who went there to help build their J.H.S and K.G blocks. From the Executive Director Andrews Idun who led the team, the state of the school is very bad and needs immediate responds. They complained of snakes moving in and out of the J.H.S classes during teaching and learning and that has reduced the number of students who attend the school. Teaching and learning material were not in existence in both the primary and J.H.S. These and issue relating to farming were raised at the community gathering with the Team of TOPA who took part in the visit.

Donation to people within Dagomba village in Sekyere Afram-Plains District

After meeting the Dagomba village Chief and his elder about their village, read more

we donated to the community and assured them of doing our best to support village. From the chief, the community is a farming community and the people depend solely on farming but irregular rainfall pattern is affecting them badly. They asked for support to renovate the village dam, build a community health center and a structure for community gathering.

Donation to people within Mamprusi village in Sekyere Afram-Plains District

After having interaction with the people of Mamprusi village, read more

TOPA donated to the community through the son of the chief in the village. The people were very happy meeting us and requested we bring them cloths all the time. Our team assured them that there will such visits to the community by TOPA regularly. The community school structure was not bad, but it was clear that they lack teaching and learning material and we promised to assist them when we come there next time.

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